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Animation and Video Production

Our Process

A thriving business should find itself with the advancing technology to influence its target audience M8 IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides animation and video production services to assure wider and elevated success for your business. Visual medium adroitly supports communication with the target audience and has become a bandwagon. It explains products in an efficient way that promotes the reach of the business. We compose stunning videos that display your business and help you to stand out from the horde. .

In addition to explainer films, whiteboard videos, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, we also offer animation video production services. In order to ensure that our animation videos reflect our clients' brands, target markets and marketing objectives, we work closely with them to understand their unique needs and goals.

Script development, storyboarding, voice-over selection, animation creation and final video production are all steps in our animation video production process. We produce instructive and entertaining videos using cutting-edge animation technologies and methods, assisting our clients in connecting with their audience and achieving their marketing objectives.

Our Unique Services

2D Animation

We craft striking animation with alacrity, beckoning backgrounds, and characters. We specialised in creating 2D animations with clarity that can simplify complex ideas and engage your potential audience.

3D Animation

We create realistic animation videos that bring intense visual appeal to your audience. Our dynamic animation renders an everlasting impression on your business that helps you to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is the most popular option in branding and marketing. The features of your business can be exhibited in an eye-catching and engaging way. Where we allow the instructions to go with the illustrations. We bring customised professional videos to uplift your business.

Screen Cast Animation

We make attractive and appealing screencast animation videos that bring the best impact and highlight the realistic picture digitally. Our videos are the best tool to promote your intangible product. We shape distinct animation videos that can bring miracles to your business.

Infographics Style Animation

We visualise information with a combination of moving elements. Through visual elements, we help to communicate with the target audience and bring interest to read the information. We transform your information into the most memorable experience that can bring a unique label to your brand in the market.

Corporate / Real Time Video

We creatively film corporate videos to create awareness of your business. These videos can adeptly support reaching the target audience. We customise the video to bring brand recognition to your business. Our real-time video services can highly promote your products and boost your business.

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