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Quality Assurance

Our Process

M8 IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. flourishes as a software testing company in India by extending its service in the field of Quality assurance. Our quality engineers are skilled professionals who deliver formidable software testing services. Quality assurance is the process in software development that verifies the applications and software is free from errors and defects. It also ensures the developed software is drafted with quality to meet the business needs.

We Prioritise professional aspects in evaluations to confirm the software is flawless and devised to satisfy the required criteria. We employ various tests to ensure the quality of the software.

Our Unique Services

Functional Testing

Functional testing is to ensure the applications and software meet the intended purpose. We employ black box testing to verify functions.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing is inspecting and analysing the behaviour of the new feature, whether it works with new functions or negatively affects existing functions. We ensure bug-free software for the clients with the retests.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a non-functional testing of the software that ensures the exceptional performance of the software under various conditions and in different workloads. The quality check includes steadiness, speed, adaptability, and responsiveness under different circumstances.

Security Testing

Security testing is crucial for software. It is to unleash vulnerabilities, threats, and bugs. To avoid loss of information and to prevent attack from intruders. We test to assure the quality by analysing weaknesses and loopholes in the software.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is done automatically using scripted sequences for better results and to verify the software is free from attacks and bugs.

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