E-learning has gained huge quality all told aspects as well as company learning with the advancement of technology and instant delivery platforms.

There are numerous sorts of e-learning solutions on the market. To coach the learner, you’ll be able to opt for the kind of learning that most closely fits the requirements of the learner.

Computer-Based Training

Computer-based training (CBT) could be any course of instruction whose primary means that of delivery is a computer. Learners act with numerous sorts of learning material via computer. It offers a remarkable setting wherever the learner will learn at his own pace.

Web-Based Training

Web-based training (WBT) refers to the kind of learning that uses the net as a tutorial delivery tool to hold out many learning activities. WBT is additionally named as “online courses” and “Web-based instruction”. WBTs will be either within the style of individual or cluster coaching.

Instructors will track the coaching progress and assign the grades instantly. WBT additionally uses many multimedia system components to interact with the learner.


A webinar could be a coaching, seminar, presentation, or workshop that’s delivered over the online mistreatment video conferencing software package. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive components that make sure the ability to convey, receive and discuss data in period with massive teams of participants

Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom is an internet learning setting that permits live interaction between the teacher and learners. This uses many synchronous technologies like internet conferencing, video conferencing, etc.

Custom E-learning

In custom e-learning in Coimbatore, you’ll be able to develop courses to fit your learning content and business needs. This is often not generic rather it delivers what precisely the learners expect. You be able to access the courses with restricted system needs and don’t would like any license.

Video-Based Learning

It is a wide accepted e-learning trend and is imparted to end-users via participating videos. This grabs the eye of the motiveless learners and keeps them engaged throughout the training.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning or m-learning could be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. The training content will be accessed by learners via mobile devices, anyplace anytime with simply a number of faucets. During this learning, each the teacher and learners act and share information, either offline or online.